Wood Waste Consulting & Circular Design.

Sometimes projects bring more questions than answers, and we are here to shine some light on your options, and help you fulfill your goals for Zero Wood Waste!

Project Management

From helping you jump regulatory hurdles and navigating the wild west of Wood Waste, to providing solutions for on-site source separation and Wood Product utilization, we find the right options to meet your needs and budget.

Wood Waste Audits

Better understanding how your business generates Waste is the first step to going Zero Waste! Let us help you on your journey!

Environmental Social Governance

How a business governs itself is just as important as how a business conducts itself. Establishing and maintaining a strong ESG guiding vision is the key to success.

Close to Source Processes

While we go the extra mile, we find local solutions for every project.

Highest and Best Use Principle

Whenever possible, we ensure a methodical approach for maximizing the Wood for as little Waste as possible.

Give Us Sustainability or Give Us ...

We all need to work together for our Climate Change goals to succeed. Developing sustainable practices is great, but fostering sustainable networks is going to tip the envelope in our favour.