Have you ever thought about what happens to all that wood when trees die and building get demolished?

We do too. That's why we are here:
"So Other Trees Will Live."

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Our 2023 Sustainability Impact Report from Bridge Sustainability:

The idea for TreeCycle was born while woodworking in the heart of North Vancouver’s old growth forests. Having seen first hand the amount of wood waste generated by tree removals and demolition projects, we decided to start collecting wood waste in our own cars and trucks, and began recycling it for reuse.

Since our launch, we have been managing Wood Waste for our strategic partners and members of the community. We have recycled over 50 tons of Wood Waste and reused 35 tonnes of Waste in projects for the built environment all across the Lower Mainland!

We want to change the way society recycles Wood Waste, and in turn, the way we view our resources.

To date, by “TreeCycling” dozens of trees, we have taken the equivalent of approximately 10-12 passenger vehicles off the road for a year (according to US EPA stats for average yearly emissions output).

We continue to store more CO2 emissions every day in the built environment through the wood products we produce from reuse and recycling of Wood Waste.

Our goal is to take the equivalent of 10,000 cars off the road within 10 years by diverting Wood Waste from traditional solid waste streams: further reducing CO2 emissions released from Wood Waste and the Metro Vancouver Incinerator.

Help us do that by supporting and using TreeCycle for all your Wood Waste needs!